Research outcome including journal papers, conference papers and OSS (open-source software) are listed below.


1 Y Cao, B Li, Q Li, AA Stokes, DM Ingram, A Kiprakis (2020) A Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller for Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles With Disturbance Rejection, IEEE Access 8, 158622-158634

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3 E Vargas, R Scona, JS Willners, T Łuczyński, Y Cao, S Wang, YR Petillot (2021) Robust Underwater Visual SLAM Fusing Acoustic Sensing , ICRA

4 Y Cao, B Li, Q Li, AA Stokes, D Ingram, A Kiprakis (2021) Reasoning Operational Decisions for Robots via Time Series Causal Inference , ICRA

5 S Lemaire, Y Cao, T Kluyver, D Hausner, C Vasilovici, Z Lee, UJ Varbaro (2019) Adaptive Probabilistic Tack Manoeuvre Decision for Sailing Vessels, IRSC



ORCA_control is a ROS package for the control and simulation of BlueROV2.


ORCAadvancecontrol is a high performance C model predictive controller (MPC) for disturbance aware control (described in 1).